The Best Project Management Toolkit to Avoid Failures. Skills + Tools = Success

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The Best Project Management Toolkit to Avoid Failures. Skills + Tools = Success

Oscar Soto
27 ratings

🔥 Most of the project failures are due to lack of proper documentation. 🔥

I know it by heart, because I've been there several times.

Let me share with you some insights:

  • I've been leading projects in companies where there was NO documentation process at all.
  • In one of the companies I worked with, I had to built the Project Management process from scratch (including project documentation).
  • ❌ I've seen projects fail because of a technical specs misalignment due to lack of the Solution Architecture document.
  • ❌ I've seen projects fail because of no Test Plan was executed.
  • ❌ I've seen projects fail because of no handover to Operations done properly and well documented.

Does any of the points above sound familiar to you?

I'm glad you came today because I want to share with you the outcome of more than 10 years of experience leading projects.

The Best Project Management Toolkit to Avoid Failures

In this document compilation you'll find the templates I personally use in all my projects.

What will you find here?

  • The Project Charter: The objective of this document is to compile all the required info to properly execute your project afterwards.
  • Solution Architecture: This file contains the technical details of the solution we'll deploy. In some cases is separated in the High Level Design (HLD) and Low Level Design (LLD).
  • Test Cases: Test Results after deploying your solution. Not testing, equals failing.
  • Operation Support Plan: This is the key for a proper handover to Operations. Once you deliver your scope, you have to be sure everything goes smoothly afterwards. This is the main goal of this file.

Check out what people say about it. 👇


BONUS 1: The Perfect Handover Template

As I'm sure if you get the Toolkit you'll succeed in your projects.

I'm giving away The Perfect Handover Template, so you'll also succeed during the handover process.

With this template you won't miss any key point of this critical process:

  • Handover timeline
  • Meeting structure
  • Key links and documents
  • Stakeholders Analysis

💸This product has a value of 15€. 💸

BONUS 2: Microsoft Project Exercises. Mastering Your Projects

The Best Project Management Toolkit requires also a good planning strategy.

⚡ So, I decided including the Microsoft Project Exercise bundle, FOR FREE. ⚡

With this product you'll learn:

  • Hot wo create a timeline (fully automated) - I love this one for Executive Reporting. 😉
  • Create a Baseline and monitor it.

💸This product has a value of 17€. 💸

BONUS 3: 2 Weeks Support After Your Purchase

But that's not all... I have something else for you!

I will also support you during the next 2 weeks after your purchase.

💸 I'm giving 2 weeks support, for free! This item has a value of 40€. 💸

Yes, you'll be able to contact me by email and I'll solve all your questions about this product.


Oscar Soto

✉️ Drop me an email / 💭 Say hi on Twitter / 🚀 More content like this here.

PS: If you made it this far, go ahead and treat yourself to 20% off with the code Oscar20.

I want this!


The Perfect Handover Template
15 €
Microsoft Project Exercises
17 €
2 Weeks Support After Your Purchase
40 €


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